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Archive for June 2016

Receiving Purchase Orders

You can receive Purchase Orders (POs) from the web or the iPad. On the iPad you navigate to purchase orders, find the PO by going to the vendor, searching or scrolling. Once in the PO you can scan the items to count or tap up or down or type in . . . Read more

Order Exchange Process

ShipHero provides the ability to create a new order during the return process. This exchange order will be linked to the previous returned order. When generating a return, select the product you wish to exchange, and choose Exchange from the dropdown. This will load the exchange menu. Next add the new products for . . . Read more

How do I Create Custom Shipping Boxes

Creating a custom shipping box allows you to quickly set the weight and dimensions of the box being used for shipping. You can also track inventory of the boxes that you use. To create the custom box go to Shipping > Boxes. In the upper right of the page, click . . . Read more

How to set up billing for your 3PL Clients

Go to  You can create ad hoc charges which can be defined for any special, for example container unloading. You can define charges for certain boxes or shipping methods, which are automatically applied. For pick fees you create a default profile and then can create new profiles and add items . . . Read more