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Archive for January 2017

Sales by SKU report

You can see at a glance some sales information about all your skus. You can search, show/hide columns to get the data you want and export via CSV. This shows you your inventory in your warehouse, the sales for the products, how many are on order and weeks and months . . . Read more

Getting started with the ShipHero Desktop App

First we’ll download the app from and open the file. Below is how to do so on Mac and in the next image is on Windows. On Mac On Windows Once installed we will open the program and set up our printers and ship our first order. When you print from . . . Read more

How to delete products

On you can delete products in bulk. See below for a short animated graphic of how to do so.

Inventory values in ShipHero

In ShipHero we show On Hand Allocated Backorder Available Reserved Sell Ahead On Hand: On Hand is how many units you have in stock. Allocated: Allocated is how many units you have in stock and owe to customers for open orders. Backorder: Backorder is how many units you owe to customers for . . . Read more

Stale Inventory Report

Ever wanted to see what items have been sitting in the warehouse and not selling so you can remerchandize or discount them? shows you at a glance what you have in stock and how long it will take to sell out at current pace. You can search or order by a . . . Read more