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Archive for March 2017

Magento 1.x Prerequisites

As every developer working with Magento knows, it’s a robust beast! It is highly customizable and has many features, but it also requires a powerful server and certain host configurations. In our experience, depending on the server type and/or OS, there can be issues that will arise. Because of that, . . . Read more

Using multiple warehouses in ShipHero

ShipHero supports multiple warehouses. There are 3 ways you can structure your multiple warehouses. All orders are assigned to the primary warehouse, products are only created in the primary warehouse. You manually add products and assign orders to the other warehouses as needed. Orders are assigned by Priority. Orders go . . . Read more

How do I find my FedEx Meter Number?

A FedEx Meter Number is used by Fedex to identify your negotiated shipping rates and your tracking requests. To find your Fedex Meter Number: Go to the Fedex Developer login page. Insert your FedEx User ID and Password. Then click the “I want to” drop down and select “Web Services . . . Read more

Magento 2 Installation Guide

Download Plugin Install Plugin And Setup Integration Login on your magento 2 admin and Go to “System” -> “Integrations”. On the integrations panel click “Add new integration”. Under the “Integration info” tab fill just the Name. Email, callback url and identify link URL are not necessary. Click On the . . . Read more

Automation Rules

What are Automation Rules? Automation rules allow you to take actions on orders that meet the criteria you define. You can create, see and edit your automation rules at So you might say any order going to a particular zip code gets a fraud hold. Or you might say any order . . . Read more