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Archive for May 2017

Connect Your WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce plugin on Wordpress with ShipHero

WooCommerce is a popular open source eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Providng an easy set of options to integrate a shopping experience directly into a WordPress site. ShipHero makes it easy to add your WooCommerce Store. ShipHero provides a number of store connection options, and we keep adding more. We’re very happy to . . . Read more

Order Tags

You can assign tags to your orders and then filter by the tags. Order tags are set in one of 3 ways: Set manually as shown above Set via Automation Rules which can be defined by following the instructions located at By creating Order Tags in Shopify that are then download . . . Read more

Inventory Value Report

There is an inventory value report at and a FBA inventory value report at The report show you current inventory and FBA inventory. In addition you can see what the inventory was on the first of the month.

3PLs – How to manage your client accounts

On you can change some settings Shiphero support chat Allows your customers to use Intercomm to chat with ShipHero. Defaults on. Use Customer’s Shipping Accounts Use your customer’s carrier account rather than your master account. Defaults off. Hide Customer’s Orders From App If you have a customer whose orders you . . . Read more