Tracking Charges for 3PL Customers

You can create whatever Charge Types you want to, for example, you provide a service to pack an additional promotional item when fulfilling orders, you can create a Charge Type that will allow you to charge your customer for that service.

Billing Your Customers

ShipHero 3PL allows you to individually manage your customers' charges, for everything from orders fulfilled, storage used, and any other service you provide.

Because you are tracking these charges in ShipHero, ShipHero will also generate your customer invoices.

Step 1: Creating and Managing Charge Types

  1. Using the top menu, click 3PL.
  2. Click General.
  3. Click Charge Type.
  4. Add any specific Charge Types you want to use.
  5. Once created, you can now use these charge types in your individual customer accounts.

Step 2: Assigning Charge Types to Customers

  1. Using the top menu, click 3PL.
  2. Click the desired customer you want to assign a Charge Type.
  3. Add the Charge Type (available from the Charge Types created in Step 1) and specify the Price.

Step 3: Adding Charges for Customers

Now that you've created your charge types and assigned charge types to your customer, you can apply charges to your customers that will then be visible in your customer invoices.

You can add charges in Purchase Orders, Orders, Products etc. When you add a Charge Type, you assign it to an Ad-Hoc charge.

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