Managing Your Customers

As a ShipHero 3PL, you have the ability to add your customers who get all the features and benefits of ShipHero.  

To manage customers, tap the 3PL Customers link available on the top nav menu (

Inviting Customers

This is ideal for customers who are comfortable with setting up their own account.

Step 1: Send an Invite to the Customer

Typically, you will send an email to your customer contact who will be responsible for setting up their ShipHero account. 

Step 2: Your Customer Now Has ShipHero Features

Once your customer receives the email invite, they can click on their unique link to begin setting up their account.

Tip: You will receive an email notification once your customer has signed up. We recommend you reach out to your customer and send them a link to the getting started guide. Typically, ShipHero 3PLs will create their own version of a getting started checklist depending on their specific requirements.

Your customers will have access to all the great features of ShipHero, while relying on you as their 3PL fulfillment partner.

You will see your customer accounts directly in the 3PL Customers view within ShipHero.

Adding Customers Manually

You also have the option of adding customer accounts yourself by clicking on the setup link available underneath the invite sender.

Setup Users & User Permissions

If you're setting up a customer account directly, you will need to create the users with any specific permissions for those users.

  1. Learn how to Create a User
  2. Learn how to Set User Permissions

: Managing 3PL Customer Features

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