As you may have already heard in some of our recent updates, we’re launching new tools that represent a noticeable improvement on what is already available.

We began by releasing the new web based pick, pack & ship tool:

What's New: The Highlights

  • Fast. We have rebuilt completely from the ground up, with several months of heavy use testing and optimization resulting in a much an app runs fast.
  • Simplicity. The primary goal of all new ShipHero tools is to make it easier to get tasks done. We have a new design that is cleaner and more intuitive.
  • One App for all devices. This first release of Endeavour Mobile allows you to do multi-item batch picking using the iPhone / iPod Touch or iPad.
  • Flexibility. It works with or without a scanner. (We recommended you use a scanner though and provide all the tools to allow you to generate and use barcodes directly within ShipHero)

What’s Coming?

  • Single Item batch picking functionality is currently being tested and will be released later this month (Sept 2017).
  • Packing will be coming soon, with multi package support built right in.  We also recommend you use

Get Started with Endeavour Mobile

You can download and install Endeavour Mobile right now, simply click the download button. This is only available as a download for logged in ShipHero accounts.

Your Feedback Please

We’re excited to share these new tools that we have been working on the past year! We couldn’t do this without you and need your continued suggestions, thoughts and experiences. It’s all good - the more you can share with us, the more we can improve. Share your feedback :)

Not started using ShipHero yet? You can go ahead and get started now

If you just want to learn more about how ShipHero may be able to help solve your challenges, you can schedule a free call with our solutions team.

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