For the past 12 months, based on both your feedback and lot's of design research, we’ve been diligently working on a completely redesigned version of ShipHero which we are calling Endeavour. (* see footnote for why we named it Endeavour)

Here's what you can expect:

A Simplified and Consistent Look

The aim of the update is to bring an easier to understand, consistent look and feel across all devices. With a simplified navigation bar and an always present home icon enabling quicker navigation to access tasks.

We're also making your experience more predictable, no matter what you're trying to do, by making the interface cleaner and intuitive. You can get more done easier and faster when everything is consistent.

More Help

While we've worked hard to make the experience of running your operations with ShipHero easier, we know we have a lot of opportunities to make it better. One crucial element of making it easier is by adding relevant tips and helpful instructions directly in the interface, explaining what each feature actually does, and where relevant, a direct link to a help article.

Optimized For How You Work 

While we aim to radically improve how you can get stuff done, we also know that you have preferences on what information is most important to you. We are continually working to provide options to enable you to customize ShipHero to suit you and your flow.

What You Can Expect In Endeavour Beta 1

We're releasing a new Workstation app, both for Windows and OSX, and a new take on your warehouse manager that works in your web browser. 

Also remember, you can switch back to the current ShipHero apps at anytime, as this will NOT impact your current account.

The Beta 1 Workstation App

This app enables you to use your scale and printers. Available for Windows and OSX, this new version is faster and adds compatibility for additional devices.

Running the Beta Workstation App is simple, simply download, install, quit the current version and launch the Beta Workstation App. 

You can switch back to the current version at any time by quitting the Beta Workstation App and launching the current app.

Download Beta 1 Workstation App for Windows

Download Beta 1 Workstation App for OSX

The Beta 1 Web Warehouse Manager

Eventually replacing, this will be your go to place to manage your entire inventory and fulfillment operations. Features for Beta 1 are:

Processing Orders

  • Pick & Pack, using any standard USB scanner
  • Create multi-package shipments
  • New shipping carrier integrations with a brand new shipping rate quote engine for faster quotes
  • Print an order packing slip and shipping label with a single action

Remote Workstation Management
Now Remotely Manage Each Workstation connected to your account, no need to change settings directly on each workstation.

Barcode Power Commands
Now, your warehouse team can fulfill orders without even touching a computer or screen, instead, simply scan a Barcode Power Command, to do one or more of the following:

  • Print a Packing Slip 
  • Print Shipping Label
  • Print Both
  • Complete An Order

Access Beta Warehouse Manager Now 

Give Us Your Feedback!

It’s absolutely crucial for us, and how we know what works, and what doesn't.

Send feedback via the chat icon or send an email to

Title any feedback and insight you have with the phrase “Endeavour Feedback”, this way we can quickly identify beta feedback and current version requests :)

* Why Are We Calling Our Next Release "Endeavour"

ShipHero is approaching our 5 year anniversary. In our short time, we've been lucky enough to build something that has helped our customers replace often clunky, antiquated software and disconnected apps with an alternate solution that works.

Our approach is to make things easy. That said, we still see a lot of work ahead of us, and we're working hard to keep improving how ShipHero helps you. We also know we couldn't be here without our customers, many who've been with us since day one.

So, this new release goes with the theme of a famous ship, a space shuttle and more importantly, captures in a single word what we are dedicated to doing. 

To endeavour.

To always improve, and provide the platform for our customers to focus on the important things such as growing the business without having to sweat the details of fulfillment.

Not started using ShipHero yet? You can go ahead and get started now

If you just want to learn more about how ShipHero may be able to help solve your challenges, you can schedule a free call with our solutions team.

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