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Automation Rules

What are Automation Rules?

Automation rules allow you to take actions on orders that meet the criteria you define. You can create, see and edit your automation rules at

So you might say any order going to a particular zip code gets a fraud hold.

Or you might say any order that has a certain SKU should get a warehouse note.

Some criteria you can match on are:

  • Shipping Name
  • Product Weight
  • Country
  • State
  • Subtotal
  • Store Name
  • SKU
  • Zipcode
  • Shipping Price
  • Sales Tax
  • Shipping Method
  • Shipping Carrier
  • Product Name
  • Order Tag
  • USPS Zone
  • Shipping and Billing Address1 Match
  • Shipping and Billing Zip Match
  • The Address of the Order
  • The Email Address on the Order
  • The Profile of the Order

Some actions you can take

  • Set Shipping Method
  • Set Priority Flag
  • Set Insurance
  • Set Fraud Hold
  • Add Warehouse Note
  • Set Gift Invoice
  • Add Order History
  • Set Profile
  • Send Email
  • Set Order Tag
  • Add a SKU
  • Set Address Hold
  • Set Payment Hold
  • Set Operator Hold
  • Delete all instances of a sku
  • Delete one unit of a sku
  • Set a Custom status

You can create your automation rules at

Example of, if the order is going to the US and the zip code is 33195 we will set a Fraud Hold.


We use Starts With rather than Equals because zips often have a +4 characters, ie 33166-5712

When an order comes in that matches that rule, a note is added and the action is taken, in below case, a Fraud Hold is set


Match on any item in a list


You can match on multiple things and/or take multiple actions based on the rules


Email me

You can also have ShipHero email you when an order that matches your rules is hit


Define your order priority

And you can choose the priority of the rules. The rules run from top to bottom.


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