ShipHero helps customers pick and pack perishable goods such as food and flowers, with typical orders ranging from 50 to several thousand in a single day using either local courier services or their own delivery vehicles.

The Scenario: Nightingales Fresh Food Delivery

In this example, we're going to cover an online fresh food delivery store called Nightingales Fresh Food Delivery. Nightingales for short own 3 trucks, which they use to deliver orders they receive through their online store.

They sell fresh, local produce and frozen goods which need to be delivered in a timely manner to local locations.

Nightingales customers can choose what day and time window they want their order to be delivered.

Nightingales have decided to use ShipHero for managing their entire inventory and fulfillment operations and now need to run through some basic steps to setup shipping using their 3 trucks.

Setting Up Shipping Methods

Nightingales will provide customers with the ability to choose the day and time for when they want deliveries to take place. In this example, this will be accomplished by creating shipping options directly in the online store.

Tip: Alternately, if you don't want to manage the shipping options in your online store, you can create additional fields that are then passed along with the order to ShipHero.
The ShipHero solutions team will work with you to setup the fields.

Once the available Shipping Options are created in the online store, we can now map our shipping options. By mapping shipping options you can specify the carrier (we will be using Generic, and will cover that later in this article) as well as the rules on when the order must be shipped.

  1. Using the top menu, click Shipping and then Methods. You should now see your shipping methods list.
  2. Select "Unmapped" from the "Type" dropdown list. Unmapped shipping methods are all the available shipping options that currently do not have any method assigned.
  3. Give the method a name. In this example, we are going to map the shipping option "Tomorrow 9am - 11am" to a shipping method we will call "Next Day AM".
  4. Specify the carrier. "Generic" will be selected as no shipping carrier will be used. Nightingales will be delivering orders using their 3 trucks.
  5. Specify "Orders placed before" time, which is the Shipping Cut Off.  Learn About Shipping Cut Offs

Customizing Shipping Labels

Nightingales want to customize the shipping label that is placed on every package. This is a simple process that requires adjusting the Generic Label settings as well as entering some warehouse information.

Warehouse Settings

  1. Using the top menu, click Warehouses and the click My Warehouses. You will now see your warehouses. Click the warehouse you are shipping from. (This is Primary by default)
  2. Specify the Invoice & Label Addresses. These are the addresses that are printed on your customer invoices and labels.
  3. Upload your logo if you haven't done so already.
  4. Click Save Warehouse once you have made your changes.

Generic Label Settings

  1. Using the top menu, click My Accounts, then click Settings. Once you see your settings view, click Generic Label Settings available on the left menu.
  2. Here you can specify the basic settings for the shipping label that will be generated and placed on the customer packages.
  3. Click Save Changes to save the settings.

Fulfilling Orders

Now that the shipping methods, label and invoice settings have been made, orders can be fulfilled.

Tip: You can also create Automation Rules that can make other adjustments to orders as they come in. Learn more about Automation Rules.  In addition, Custom Order Status is a commonly used method to group orders. Learn more about Custom Order Status.

Nightingales team can now pick and pack orders as they come in. The orders are sorted by Expected Delivery Date and each order is automatically mapped to the correct shipping method. 

Once an order is fulfilled, the packer has the option of adding a tracking link to the Generic Label, which then gets sent to the customer via the sales channel.

Viewing Shipments Report

Nightingales warehouse management team need to keep a close eye on shipments that are leaving the warehouse. Fortunately, they can use the available Shipments Report to view every shipment that has been made.

  1. Using the top menu, click Reports, then click Shipments.
  2. Filter the report with the specific criteria required, and then generate.
  3. This report can be exported as a CSV.

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