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Why is my order not ready to ship?

The most common reason an order is not ready to ship is because the items are backorder. Item is backordered If any items are backordered and the Allow Partial is off, then order will not be ready to ship. If you turn Allow Partial on, if any items are allocated . . . Read more

Drop shipments in ShipHero

Here’s how you can do dropships in ShipHero. First we create a vendor if it doesn’t already exist at Then lets find an item and add it to that vendor A product can have multiple vendors. Now go to an order with that product, and you can dropship it. Remove . . . Read more

Track packer errors

When a customer contacts you and reports that they got the wrong item, you can log that and run reports to see what mistakes were made. When you get a contact from the customer, go to the order, scroll to the shipment that had the mistake and hit “Report” and . . . Read more

Merge Orders

You can merge any number of orders, so for example if a customer has 2 or 5 open orders they can be consolidated into one shipment. This saves on postage and pick time and is extremely easy to do. On the dashboard you will see a list of orders that . . . Read more

How to Create & Add Detail to Purchase Orders (POs)

In this tutorial, we will show you how to place an order with your vendor, receive it, and then confirm that what came in matched what you ordered. The first thing we’ll do is set up vendors. Create vendors here – and from many platforms, we’ll take the vendor data . . . Read more