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Automation Rules

What are Automation Rules? Automation rules allow you to take actions on orders that meet the criteria you define. You can create, see and edit your automation rules at So you might say any order going to a particular zip code gets a fraud hold. Or you might say any order . . . Read more

Stale Inventory Report

Ever wanted to see what items have been sitting in the warehouse and not selling so you can remerchandize or discount them? shows you at a glance what you have in stock and how long it will take to sell out at current pace. You can search or order by a . . . Read more

Track packer errors

When a customer contacts you and reports that they got the wrong item, you can log that and run reports to see what mistakes were made. When you get a contact from the customer, go to the order, scroll to the shipment that had the mistake and hit “Report” and . . . Read more

Getting started with ShipHero

We’re so glad you’ve chosen ShipHero to help you manage your inventory, shipping and orders. Your company is unique, and we are happy to help you configure ShipHero to match your needs. This guide is a brief walk through of some of the basic steps of getting started with ShipHero. You . . . Read more

How to ship orders from the web (not using apps)

If you want to ship an order from the web Click into an order and hit the blue Ship Order button Select the items and quantity being shipped, choose the shipping carrier and method. Hit Create Label. You can then hit View which allows you to print it locally or hit . . . Read more

How do I ship my orders

You’ll primarily ship your from the iPod/iPhone apps, which are located at Within the apps you can ship using Order Queue Voice Based Batch Picking Or Single Item Batch You can also print orders one at a time from the web Or ship many orders at . . . Read more

Merge Orders

You can merge any number of orders, so for example if a customer has 2 or 5 open orders they can be consolidated into one shipment. This saves on postage and pick time and is extremely easy to do. On the dashboard you will see a list of orders that . . . Read more

What is the Cost of Goods (COGS) Report?

The COGS or Cost of Goods Sold Report which can be founds at shows you the profit made on orders shipped during the given period. You can filter by a single store or see all your stores together. The report calculates a lot of data. If it’s running slowly, shorten the . . . Read more

Recommended Hardware List

Below is a list of the hardware needed for ShipHero along with some recommendations: Mobile Device iPad – any version 2 or later. iPad Mini 2 (16 GB, WiFi only) is a great choice. iPhone – 4S or newer or recent generation iPod touch. Computer – PC (Windows 7 or . . . Read more