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Go Live Checklist

Create users and assign permissions Add your warehouse and invoice address and logo at My Accounts -> Warehouses Connect your shipping carriers at Shipping -> Carriers Verify your account settings at My Account -> Settings: App Settings Product barcode format Generic Label Settings Currency General Preferences Select the Flat Rate . . . Read more

Connect Stores

To connect your stores, navigate to My Accounts > Stores, where you’ll see all our current integrations.  Click the “Add Store” button and select your platform. Follow the setup steps below for your platform. Shopify Shop Name Enter the first url segment of your shopify store url. For example, if . . . Read more

Connect Shipping Carriers

In order to connect shipping carriers, navigate to Shipping>Carriers or click here. Once you’re on the Shipping Carrier page, you’ll have the ability to connect several shipping carriers via dropdown menu. Hit “Select a carrier to add” and select your carrier from the dropdown menu. There are a few examples below . . . Read more

Setup the Printer App

Why a desktop app In ShipHero you’ll be picking and packing from iPads and iPods. The iPads and iPods can move around and are not physically connected to printer(s) or a scale. The way you print from the iPads and get the weight from the scale is by running an . . . Read more

Create Users and Grant Permissions

Add a New User   Navigate to “My Account” >”Users”   Click “Add User”   Enter the User’s info. Print Station Once the printer app is installed and it detects your printers on your network, they will be listed in this menu, so you can assign that print station. When . . . Read more

Create an Account

First off, Welcome to ShipHero! To create an account, please visit Fill in the fields and click the Register button. Congratulations! You now have a ShipHero account. Sign in at http:/ Account Settings and Preferences Once logged in you will see your dashboard. It will not have much info . . . Read more

ShipHero Guide

Welcome to ShipHero This is an ever evolving guide that will give you instructions on how to get up and running with ShipHero. Create an Account Create Users and Grant Permissions Setup the Printer App Connect Shipping Carriers Connect Stores Create/Map Shipping Options Manage Products Kits Manage Orders Handle Returns . . . Read more

Does ShipHero track users seperately

Yes. Everyone gets a 4 digit PIN which they must enter to use the iPod and iPad apps and everything that happens in ShipHero is tagged with which user did the action. All customer service agents have their own login and every action is tagged with which user did the . . . Read more