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Order Queue

We have several shipping methods including multi item batch, single item batch and the order queue. Today, we’ll review the order queue The order queue is a usual single person process, the picker also packs the order. You can pick to tote if you’d like and have a separate packer, . . . Read more

How To Manage Bin Locations on the iPad

Managing your product location on the iPad is easy. Just follow these steps: Open the menu and tap on Inventory Scan an item or bin barcode or type in a sku or product name in the search bar. Reveal the product menu by swiping left on the result. Tap Edit . . . Read more

Processing Returns

With ShipHero you can handle the entire returns process and also allow customer to generate their own return labels. Customer service generated returns. Go to any fulfilled order and scroll to the actions section and hit Return Order Choose the items and quantities to be returned and choose the reason . . . Read more

How to Connect your Bluetooth Scanner

ShipHero works with Socket Mobile barcode scanners, specifically the 7Ci, 7Pi and 8Ci. First, scan this barcode to put your scanner in iOS mode. Scan from an iPad or Retina screen. You may be unable to scan from other screens. The scanner will beep 3 times if scanned successfully. The . . . Read more

Creating Kits

In ShipHero you can have create SKUs that contain a group of other SKUs. An example would be if someone ordered an outfit with SKU great-outfit, it may contain 2 units of socks   1 unit of pants   1 unit of shirt First make sure all the components exist. . . . Read more

Magento Troubleshoot Guide

Install the Plugin from Magento Connect Verify REST oAuth Consumer Navigate to System > Web Services > REST – OAuth Consumers Verify that there is a consumer called ShipHero. If there isn’t one, then click “Add New” to create one and follow steps 3 – 5. If there is a . . . Read more

Connect Stores

To connect your stores, navigate to My Accounts > Stores, where you’ll see all our current integrations.  Click the “Add Store” button and select your platform. Follow the setup steps below for your platform. Shopify Shop Name Enter the first url segment of your shopify store url. For example, if . . . Read more

Connect Shipping Carriers

In order to connect shipping carriers, navigate to Shipping>Carriers or click here. Once you’re on the Shipping Carrier page, you’ll have the ability to connect several shipping carriers via dropdown menu. Hit “Select a carrier to add” and select your carrier from the dropdown menu. There are a few examples below . . . Read more