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Creating different invoices for multiple channels

With ShipHero, each of your e-commerce channels can use a different invoice. This allows you to use a different logo and address for your different brands. Setting it up is easy: First create the new profile from the My Warehouses page. After creating the profile, set the address information and . . . Read more

Recommended Hardware List

Below is a list of the hardware needed for ShipHero along with some recommendations: Mobile Device iPad – any version 2 or later. iPad Mini 2 (16 GB, WiFi only) is a great choice. iPhone – 4S or newer or recent generation iPod touch. Computer – PC (Windows 7 or . . . Read more

How To Xero ShipHero Integration

Connect Xero After authorization we setup a couple of things for you: We add ShipHero Chart of Account Codes: 20000: ShipHero Sales Income [REVENUE] 20100: ShipHero Shipping Income [REVENUE] 20200: ShipHero Sales Tax [CURRLIAB] 20300: ShipHero Shipping And Handling Sales Tax [CURRLIAB] 20500: ShipHero Sales Discounts [REVENUE] 20600: ShipHero Sales Returns . . . Read more

Do you integrate with Amazon FBA

Yes, we do. We integrate with FBA US, Canada, UK and EU. You can see your FBA orders at You can look up the details about the order and add notes. You cannot change the order. FBA orders will not show up in your orders to ship or COGS or . . . Read more