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Magento 1.x Prerequisites

As every developer working with Magento knows, it’s a robust beast! It is highly customizable and has many features, but it also requires a powerful server and certain host configurations. In our experience, depending on the server type and/or OS, there can be issues that will arise. Because of that, . . . Read more

Magento 2 Installation Guide

Download Plugin Install Plugin And Setup Integration Login on your magento 2 admin and Go to “System” -> “Integrations”. On the integrations panel click “Add new integration”. Under the “Integration info” tab fill just the Name. Email, callback url and identify link URL are not necessary. Click On the . . . Read more

Magento Troubleshoot Guide

Install the Plugin from Magento Connect Verify REST oAuth Consumer Navigate to System > Web Services > REST – OAuth Consumers Verify that there is a consumer called ShipHero. If there isn’t one, then click “Add New” to create one and follow steps 3 – 5. If there is a . . . Read more