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Shopify POS with ShipHero

If you sell both online and via Shopify POS, this guide will show you how to set up ShipHero. If your Shopify store is already connected to ShipHero, you can skip this step. If it’s not connected go to hit Add a New Store If you have just one warehouse Now . . . Read more

Prevent Shopify from importing old orders

If you have old orders that you want to make sure never get into ShipHero, this flag is extremely usefull. Any Shopify order with an ID before this number will not be imported into ShipHero even if Shopify sends us webhooks for it.

Fraud Rules with Shopify and ShipHero

Shopify provides fraud information on orders. That information is displayed in your Shopify store and is showed in Shopify. Shopify recently released an update that changed the way ShipHero received this as well as other information.  You can now set rules as to what orders, if any, you would like . . . Read more

Duplicating Products in Shopify

A common way of adding products in Shopify is to duplicate an existing product and make changes to it. Since ShipHero imports products almost immediately, this can cause issues if the item is imported before it’s complete. To resolve the issue, create shell products with a sku of “donotimport”. You . . . Read more