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Linking Etsy and ShipHero

On hit Add a New Store, choose Etsy. Enter your Etsy store name. If you want ShipHero to manage inventory, check that box. Or you can leave it unchecked while doing your set up and enable it in your settings when ready. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click . . . Read more

Linking Walmart with ShipHero

In order to integrate Walmart Marketplace with your ShipHero account, you’ll first need to be approved by Walmart. This approval process can take anywhere from a couple of days to a few months. Go to to register with Walmart. Once approved, go to and login. Once there, go to the . . . Read more


To add your store go to and hit Add A New Store. You will get your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from within WooCommerce. The URL can be tricky to get correct, try the https version of the URL. If you have trouble connecting, reach us via chat or . . . Read more

Inventory Value Report

There is an inventory value report at and a FBA inventory value report at The report show you current inventory and FBA inventory. In addition you can see what the inventory was on the first of the month.

3PLs – How to manage your client accounts

On you can change some settings Shiphero support chat Allows your customers to use Intercomm to chat with ShipHero. Defaults on. Use Customer’s Shipping Accounts Use your customer’s carrier account rather than your master account. Defaults off. Hide Customer’s Orders From App If you have a customer whose orders you . . . Read more

Magento 2 Installation Guide

Download Plugin Install Plugin And Setup Integration Login on your magento 2 admin and Go to “System” -> “Integrations”. On the integrations panel click “Add new integration”. Under the “Integration info” tab fill just the Name. Email, callback url and identify link URL are not necessary. Click On the . . . Read more

Sales by SKU report

You can see at a glance some sales information about all your skus. You can search, show/hide columns to get the data you want and export via CSV. This shows you your inventory in your warehouse, the sales for the products, how many are on order and weeks and months . . . Read more

Getting started with the ShipHero Desktop App

First we’ll download the app from and open the file. Below is how to do so on Mac and in the next image is on Windows. On Mac On Windows Once installed we will open the program and set up our printers and ship our first order. When you print from . . . Read more