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How to delete products

On you can delete products in bulk. See below for a short animated graphic of how to do so.

Inventory values in ShipHero

In ShipHero we show On Hand Allocated Backorder Available Reserved Sell Ahead On Hand: On Hand is how many units you have in stock. Allocated: Allocated is how many units you have in stock and owe to customers for open orders. Backorder: Backorder is how many units you owe to customers for . . . Read more

Create kits automatically within Shopify and Bigcommerce

You can now load a product in Shopify or Bigcommerce and have it break into components within ShipHero without having to do anything in ShipHero.  Start with the SKU in ShipHero* and then break-up the components with an asteriks symbol; *.  So in the example below, the SKU shiphero*boots9*socks becomes a set of 1 boots9 . . . Read more

Shopify POS with ShipHero

If you sell both online and via Shopify POS, this guide will show you how to set up ShipHero. If your Shopify store is already connected to ShipHero, you can skip this step. If it’s not connected go to hit Add a New Store If you have just one warehouse Now . . . Read more

How to set up your locations and bins in Shiphero

What are bin locations and what do they do? First we’ll walk through what bin locations are and what they do. In the next section we’ll explain how you enter them in ShipHero. By default orders are sorted by their Bin location to minimize the walking your pickers have to . . . Read more

Reshipping an order

If you print multiple labels for an order from the iPad, the stock is removed once. But what if you’ve generated your labels, closed the app and need to ship again? In that case, you will reship the order. On the orders page there is a button to Reship the order. . . . Read more

Amazon + ShipHero Guide

Add your store At you can add your Amazon store. Check your email, Amazon may send you an email to confirm our access. If Amazon sends you an email you need to click the button in the email before ShipHero can access your data. You can connect as many Amazon . . . Read more

Drop shipments in ShipHero

Here’s how you can do dropships in ShipHero. First we create a vendor if it doesn’t already exist at Then lets find an item and add it to that vendor A product can have multiple vendors. Now go to an order with that product, and you can dropship it. Remove . . . Read more