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Why did a new order ship before an old order?

When doing batches, we want to give you the most efficient walks, the way we do that is by finding the oldest order by required ship date, then looking for other orders in the same location(s) as those items. Once we grabbed everything from that location, we grab the next oldest . . . Read more

Automated box sizes for single item orders

For order that have just one item, you can define a size in ShipHero and that will be the default shipping box dimensions for orders that contain just that item. Of course you can still scan or click another box to change the dimensions and if you leave the values blank . . . Read more

How to Create & Add Detail to Purchase Orders (POs)

In this tutorial, we will show you how to place an order with your vendor, receive it, and then confirm that what came in matched what you ordered. The first thing we’ll do is set up vendors. Create vendors here – and from many platforms, we’ll take the vendor data . . . Read more

Remove stock without printing a postage label

Lets say you have someone pick up an order or it goes LTL and you’re not printing a postage label. You still want to ship it so that stock is removed and you have a history of it. To do so, you can change the shipping method to Generic Label . . . Read more

Receiving Purchase Orders

You can receive Purchase Orders (POs) from the web or the iPad. On the iPad you navigate to purchase orders, find the PO by going to the vendor, searching or scrolling. Once in the PO you can scan the items to count or tap up or down or type in . . . Read more

Order Exchange Process

ShipHero provides the ability to create a new order during the return process. This exchange order will be linked to the previous returned order. When generating a return, select the product you wish to exchange, and choose Exchange from the dropdown. This will load the exchange menu. Next add the new products for . . . Read more

Local Delivery with ShipHero

ShipHero powers the picking process for food and flower delivery locations doing from 50 to 2,000 deliveries a day. We’re going to show some examples of how to configure ShipHero for local delivery companies. If you have different requirements, email and one of our engineers would be glad to . . . Read more