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ShipHero for 3PLs

ShipHero powers several e-commerce focussed 3PLs (third party logistics companies) around the world. E-commerce companies that use ShipHero to ship their own products, can outsource some shipping to one or more 3PLs running ShipHero to get closer to their customers and orders will automatically be shipped from the closest location to reduce . . . Read more

Cycle Counts

The old school way to count your inventory and update the number in your system was to shut down operations for a week, usually Christmas – New Years, and have your team recount everything on paper and then key the results into your warehouse management system. As George Costanza can attest, shrinkage happens. . . . Read more

How to use the ShipHero apps

Download the apps from – not iTunes. If you get a message that says ShipHero is an untrusted developer, follow the below directions Once you open the app you’ll be asked for a Username and Password and Device Name. This screen only appears the first time you open app. . . . Read more

Split orders and partial shipments

You can choose to allow partial or not. There is an account default that is set at, it’s called Show partial orders in the app. And the setting can be overwritten per order, it’s a flag called Allow Partial. If allow partial is off items do not appear on . . . Read more

Duplicating Products in Shopify

A common way of adding products in Shopify is to duplicate an existing product and make changes to it. Since ShipHero imports products almost immediately, this can cause issues if the item is imported before it’s complete. To resolve the issue, create shell products with a sku of “donotimport”. You . . . Read more

Create/Map Shipping Options

You don’t want your warehouse staff to have to select the appropriate shipping method for each order, so you can map how you want each order to ship. You have 3 options you can map to A particular shipping method – such as UPS Ground The cheapest available option The . . . Read more