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Create Users and Grant Permissions

Add a New User


    1. Navigate to “My Account” >”Users”


    1. Click “Add User”


    1. Enter the User’s info.
        1. Print Station
            1. Once the printer app is installed and it detects your printers on your network, they will be listed in this menu, so you can assign that print station.
            1. When a user prints an invoice or label, it will go the printers that are setup on the station selected.
        1. Default Order Status
            1. When a user logs into the iOS app, they will see orders listed with the selected status by default.
            1. Our system allows for custom statuses. For instance if you have a status of “Pending Embroidery”, then you could assign that status to a user and when they log into the app, they will only see orders with that status.


    1. Groups are listed to the right. You can assign your user to one or multiple groups. Groups give you the opportunity to limit your users access within ShipHero.


    1. Hit Save to save all you changes.


Create Groups and Set Permissions


    1. Navigate to My Account > Groups


    1. Click Add Group at the top right.


    1. Enter a name for your group.


    1. Set your permissions for each section of the site. You can grant All, Create, Read, Update, and Delete permissions, so choose wisely.


    1. Hit Save to save all your changes.


    1. Once the group is created you can go to My Account -> Users and edit any user then add them to the group that you created.




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