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How To Xero ShipHero Integration

Connect Xero

Xero Connect

After authorization we setup a couple of things for you:

  • We add ShipHero Chart of Account Codes:
    • 20000: ShipHero Sales Income [REVENUE]
    • 20100: ShipHero Shipping Income [REVENUE]
    • 20200: ShipHero Sales Tax [CURRLIAB]
    • 20300: ShipHero Shipping And Handling Sales Tax [CURRLIAB]
    • 20500: ShipHero Sales Discounts [REVENUE]
    • 20600: ShipHero Sales Returns [REVENUE]
    • 20700: ShipHero Cost Of Goods Sold [DIRECTCOSTS]
    • 20800: ShipHero Inventory [CURRENT]
    • 20900: ShipHero Inventory Adjustment [DIRECTCOSTS]
    • 21000: ShipHero Payment Account [BANK]
    • 21100: ShipHero Expense Account [EXPENSE]
    • 21200: ShipHero Merchant Account Fees / Commissions [DIRECTCOSTS]
    • 21300: ShipHero Purchases Account [CURRLIAB]

  • We create new Tracking Categories based on the Sales Channel’s you have connected as well as the Store.
    For example, if you have two Shopify stores connected, we create Tracking Categories, Shopify,, and This allows you to map your tracking category by Sales Channel Integration or by Store.


We currently don’t send invoices on a per order basis, because Xero has strict rules on how many API requests we can make per day. Currently we allow you to login and sync an Invoice that contains a summary of the fulfilled orders that you had for the previous day, or a date that you select.

The summary invoices are split out by Store and Payment Method. For example, if you fulfilled orders for and there were orders with payment methods from and paypal you would see something like the following image on the DRAFT Invoices landing page. The Invoice number is {store name} {payment method} {summary type} {date}, ex. ( Daily-2016-09-02.

Draft Invoices Landing

When you click into a summary invoice, you get an aggregate of the totals for the fulfilled orders for the day. The aggregates are split into separate line items, Sales, Sales Tax, Discounts and Shipping.

Example Daily Invoice Summary

Purchase Orders

When you create a purchase order within ShipHero, we generate a purchase order in Xero, using the same line items. Keep in mind that we don’t tie into Xero’s inventory item codes, as it can cause issues with Account Code settings and Taxes.

Click here to view an example of a Purchase Order generated by ShipHero.

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