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Dynamic Slotting in ShipHero

Dynamic slotting is by default not enabled on ShipHero accounts. If you would like to use dynamic slotting please contact us by email and chat.

Dynamic slotting allows you to track how many units of stock are in each location in your warehouse. For example you can have 10 of your blue widgets in location A1, 15 in C3 and 40 in Overstock 1. When you move some stock from Overstock 1 to A1 or a new location, you have to do that move in ShipHero.

Using Dynamic Slotting

Setting up your locations

On you can define your locations. You can add one at a time by hitting Add a Location or many at a time via CSV at


There is an option to set a “Type” that is used if you’re a 3PL for calculating your clients storage fees. If you’re not a 3PL you can leave that field blank.

Locations can be Pickable or Unpickable. If they’re Unpickable the stock will show but orders that need that stock won’t become Ready to Ship until the stock is moved to a pickable location.

Putting product away

When you receive a Purchase order from the web or the iPad you will select the location you’re receiving to.


You will then see the stock in that bin from the apps and the web.


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