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Efficiently Picking and Packing Orders with One Item aka Single Item Batch

If you want to ship a lot of orders that contain the same SKU see:

Bulk Ship – Ship Many Orders with the Same Product

What if there are orders for lots of different SKUs? Single Item Batch

What if a lot of your orders are just 1 item (a pretty common scenario for ecommerce companies), but those items vary widely?

In that case we’ll use our single-item batch.

Single item batch is done in two steps, picking and packing.

Single Item Picking

Single-Item Batch Picking Flow w/ ShipHero Explanation Video from Ship Hero on Vimeo.

In the apps which can be installed on an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad you will go to the Batch Pick Section

single item batch pick

We will show you all the items that are needed for orders that contain just one item and route you intelligently through the warehouse to minimize walk.

You will take a rolling cart or a tote you can carry and walk through the warehouse and pick the shown items until the cart is full or you have picked all the items.

You will scan the barcode on the items or tap to select them.

If more than 1 unit of the item is needed we prompt you to confirm how many you picked. You can use they keyboard or scan to count.

We do this because often people get used to picking 1 unit and when multiple units are needed they miss it.

Once you’re done picking, you will save the batch with a name. A good technique is to put in an identifier on each cart and then save the batch as the name of the cart.

The picker drops off the cart at the packing station and goes to pick more items.

Single Item Packing

iPad Batch Packing2

In the iPad app the packer goes to the Batch Packing section

There will be a list of single item batches that have been picked.

If the carts that the batches were picked into have their names barcoded you can scan the barcode to pull it up. If not, you can just scroll and click on the batch that is in front of you.

Grab the top item from the cart and scan or tap on it on the screen.

The weight will read from the scale or be pre calculated depending on your preferences.

You can scan a box barcode to select the correct box.

Print invoice. Print label. The invoice and label will print. Package the item, apply the label. Swipe to complete and then repeat with the next item in the cart.

If the order requires more than 1 unit of the same item, you will be asked to swipe to confirm that you packed the correct amount.

If there are many orders for the same time, as soon as you ship one the next order with the same item will show up to ship, no scanning or tapping needed.

Advanced Settings

When items are pulled up on the iPod for single item batch, the orders for those items are locked so no other user can get them. Locking each order takes approximately 1 second, so the more orders you retrieve the longer the wait will be. You can edit the number of orders you edit at in the Single Item Batch Pick Quantity field.

single item batch qty

Single Item Batch Picking with Zones

If you have several people single item batch picking simultaneously, you want each picked to see only orders in their area. You do this by defining the sections that user will pick. At you choose the user and set their Single Item Batch Pick Rows

single item zones

In the example above we said the user would pick rows A1, B1, B2 and C. So any items that are in bins that start with A1, B1, B2 or C will be included on their screen and items in bins that don’t start with those characters won’t show for them to pick.

So items in A1-08-10, B1-19-11 and C-01-01 will show to be picked, but B3-01-01 won’t show and D-01-01 won’t show.

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