Any payments that are not authorized by a customer are referred to as fraudulent. Fraudulent orders often result in lost money due to customers initiating a chargeback on the credit card used.

Shopify analyzes every order that is placed, bringing any suspicious orders to your attention for investigation.

Tip: Read the Shopify Guidelines on Fraud Prevention

The Fraud Score

Shopify's built-in Risk Analysis marks each order with a Fraud Score. this

Shopify provides fraud information on orders. That information is displayed in your Shopify store and is showed in Shopify.

Shopify recently released an update that changed the way ShipHero received this as well as other information.  You can now set rules as to what orders if any, you would like to flag on “Fraud Hold”.

It is important to remember that if an order is on “Fraud Hold” it won’t show up or be available in the ShipHero iOS apps to ship unless the order’s “Fraud Hold” is manually removed.

ShipHero Shopify Fraud Update Details:

There are now two fraud settings for Shopify in ShipHero. The NEW second setting is based on Shopify’s recommendation to “Investigate”, “Cancel” or “Accept” which ShipHero calls the “Order Risk Level“.

Now within ShipHero you can toggle the severity of your store’s fraud vigilance to mark an order to a Fraud Hold by changing the “Order Risk Level” in ShipHero to a) “Investigate or Cancel”, b) “Cancel” or c) “Never”. For example, if an order is flagged by Shopify as “Investigate” or “Cancel” and the ShipHero setting is set to “Investigate or Cancel”, then ShipHero will flag is to a Fraud Hold.  If you have this setting marked in ShipHero as “Cancel”, then any order ShipHero receives from Shopify with the designation of “Cancel” will be flagged with a Fraud Hold.The second setting has always been available and is based on the score from Shopify which ShipHero calls the “Numerical Fraud Score“.

The Numerical Fraud Score goes from 0 (low risk) to 5 (high risk). Any orders above your set score will be put on a fraud hold. To disable the Numerical Fraud Score and rely exclusively on the new “Order Risk Level” set the Numerical Fraud Score to 5.

You can set one or both settings detailed above as you prefer. If either of the above-detailed settings flags on an order, ShipHero places the order on Fraud Hold and therefore, it is not available to ship.

At you can filter by On Hand -> Fraud Hold to see the orders with a Fraud Hold.

If you use a 3rd party fraud prevention platform such as Subuno, Signifyd or Riskified, you can prevent ShipHero from bringing in orders until they’re set as paid, which means orders don’t come into ShipHero for shipping until the fraud prevention platform approves them.  

This setting is located in the Dashboard under the “My Account” and in the  “Stores” section.  Navigate to “Settings” in the Shopify store you wish to configure and check the box that says “Only import orders into ShipHero that have been paid for” .

You can then set the fraud threshold to 6 so no orders go on to Fraud hold (because the fraud prevention platform is handling it).

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