ShipHero will check the shipping address of every order it receives. This is enabled by default in Settings with the option "Put Order On Hold If Address Is Invalid".

Addresses are validated using the USPS Address validator.

How It Works

When an order shipping address is validated, 1 of 3 things can happen if Address Validation is enabled.

  1. If the address is valid, then nothing will happen.
  2. If the address is invalid, but an alternate address is found, the address is updated with the suggested correct provided by the USPS Address database.
  3. If the address is invalid AND no alternate address is found, the order is automatically put on "Address Hold". (As shown here)

Ok, I have an Invalid Address, Now What?

  1. Update the Shipping Address with the correct address.
  2. Uncheck the "Address Hold" checkbox and update.

I Changed The Address, But It Doesn't Save, Why?

All Address Changes Are Logged

Every change made to an order, including address changes are available for view in the Order History log available in the order details view.

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