Starting with Accurate Inventory

Enabling the Have ShipHero Manage My Inventory option in ShipHero will instruct ShipHero to become the master of inventory. ShipHero will update any existing products in your connected store with the available inventory set in ShipHero. 

Tip: Before enabling Have ShipHero Manage My Inventory that option you want to do what is commonly referred to as a stock-take.

Further Reading:

Stock-taking or "inventory checking" is the physical verification of the quantities and condition of items held in an inventory or warehouse.
Source: wikipedia

Recommend Approach to Counting Your Inventory

  1. Print out a list of all of your products using the bulk manage feature.
  2. To begin counting, launch the ShipHero iPad app (download).
  3. Select Inventory from the navigation menu.
  4. Go to the first bin in the first-row location.
  5. Select the product by either scanning the barcode or searching by SKU.
  6. Count the product in that location and update the On Hand value: Note that On Hand value is the total count in your Bin and Overstock location.
  7. Mark the counted product on your printed list, and move to the next bin.
  8. Continue this process with all remaining products in your warehouse.
  9. Once completed, if you have any items that remain on the list that you did find in the warehouse, and you've verified they do not exist in your warehouse, you can either delete those products in ShipHero, or set them to 0. 

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