If you’d like to use a 3rd party UPS account for just one order

On the orders, page hit the pencil in the Shipment Info section and you’ll be able to enter the 3rd part UPS info you’d like to use for a particular order. If the order doesn’t have a UPS method, change to UPS, refresh the page and hit the pencil in the Shipment Info section

To ship many orders on a 3rd party UPS account

You will need to clone your UPS account to a new profile, and then our support team can set that account and profile to bill a 3rd party's UPS account.

  1. Create a new profile for your warehouse at https://app.shiphero.com/dashboard/warehouses then add your existing UPS account(not the 3rd party account) to that profile at https://app.shiphero.com/dashboard/shipping-carriers.
  2. Contact support and let us know the 3rd party account number and billing zip code to connect to the profile and account you just set up.

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