If you're trying to make sense of the Total Orders On Hold count in your dashboard, then look no further, here we will break down what it includes.

Only Includes Orders Set To "default" Status 

This excludes any other order status. (Something we are planning to expand in the next release of ShipHero.)

Counts All Hold Types

  • Fraud Hold
  • Address Hold
  • Operator Hold
  • Payment Hold

When filtering your orders, you can filter by each one of these hold types as shown here

Does Not Apply a Date Range

All orders no matter the order date is included in the count. You can filter orders by date range in your orders view.

Getting More Granular

With the dashboard giving you a total recap of all hold types, no matter the date, and of course, orders that are pending fulfillment, you may want to have a better understanding of what orders are held.

Use the Orders view (https://app.shiphero.com/dashboard/orders) and apply the filters highlighted above to get a more detailed list of your orders currently on hold.

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