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Getting started with ShipHero

We’re so glad you’ve chosen ShipHero to help you manage your inventory, shipping and orders.

Your company is unique, and we are happy to help you configure ShipHero to match your needs.

This guide is a brief walk through of some of the basic steps of getting started with ShipHero. You will undoubtedly have questions not covered in this article. We have a help site at where you will find videos, articles and tutorials on a wide range of ShipHero options, configuration and recommended usages.

If you cannot find a tutorial for what you need, contact us at, toll free at 1.877-671-6011 within the US or by chatting with us.

To live chat us, hit the little chat icon on the bottom right corner of each page. The process is demonstrated below.


Ok, lets get started!

If you don’t yet have a ShipHero account, go to to Register. No credit card is required. The process is demonstrated below


Connect your stores

Now that you have an account, lets make sure your store is connected. You can do that at If you connected via Shopify or Bigcommerce your store may already be connected and if you see your store on the stores page, you can move on to the next step. If your store is not listed, hit Add a New Store


In the example above it’s a Shopify store. We ask you if you want to Allow ShipHero to manage your inventory. If that box is checked, ShipHero will be the master of inventory and changes to inventory in ShipHero will adjust your live store. If that box is left unchecked, ShipHero will not change your inventory in your store no matter what happens to your inventory in ShipHero. If you’re just testing, leave that unchecked for now and change it when you want to go live with ShipHero. if you’re ready to go live with ShipHero, check it off.

For each platform (such as Bigcommerce, Shopify, Amazon, eBay, etc.) we have a category of help pages.






Add all your platforms and lets move on to the next step of linking your carriers

Link your shipping carriers

To connect your carriers such as UPS or FedEx go to our Carriers page at and choose Add a new carrier and select the carrier from the dropdown.

Each individual carrier has instructions. Where we ask for Profile and Warehouse, leave these as the default settings. You can use different carries for different warehouses or profiles, but most people do not need to do that and it is covered in another article.

In the below example we will connect our UPS account and start to link our FedEx account. Link as many accounts as you have. We will pull in your discounted rates.

connect-carrier For shipping via the US Postal Service choose Endicia. You will have to create an account via Shiphero on Endicia and you will pay Endicia for the USPS postage you use.

We should now have orders and a way to ship them. We’re making good progress!

Download the Desktop App

First we’ll download the app from and open the file. Below is how to do so on Mac and in the next image is on Windows.

On Mac


On Windows


Once installed we will open the program and set up our printers and ship our first order.


Download the Mobile Apps

You can ship from the desktop app or you can go mobile and get many more features in the iPad and iPod apps.

Download the app from they are enterprise apps and are not on iTunes.

You will get a message saying that ShipHero is an untrusted developer, follow the below demonstration.


Once you open the app you’ll be asked for an email, password and device name.

The username and password are the username and password are the same username and password you used for creating your account. The device name is just for you to be able to identify the device in settings. For example you might set the Device name as “Aaron’s iPhone” or “Black office iPad”.


Once you’re logged in you’ll be asked to enter your pin.

You and every user you create within ShipHero gets a unique 4 digit pin. You can see the list of pins at Expect to have to login again when you go back to the website. This happens the first time you sign in with a new device, but not every time you login after that.


Remember that pin. In the future, you’ll need just the pin to login to the apps.

You may not see pictures of your products right away, don’t worry about that, the thumbnails take up to 30 minutes to create once your items are downloaded.

If you have a Socket Mobile bluetooth scanner, here is how to connect it

Lets ship our first order from mobile!

Open the iPhone, iPod or iPad app and enter your pin. In this example we’ll show the iPad app.

Select an order, scan the barcode or tap the item(s) in the order to select them. If the quantity is more than one you’ll get a pop up to confirm that you picked the correct quantity. You can type the number or scan the items to count them. One all items are selected the right column will open. You can then adjust the weight or have it pre-calculated or pulled from a USB scale attached to your PC or mac. Click on the Shipping method to choose how you want to ship the order. Hit Print Invoice and Print Label.


The desktop app will record that it got the print jobs and the invoice will print from the invoice printer and the label will print from the selected label printer.


Now you probably don’t want to have to choose your shipping method each time, so you can define rules whether you want the cheapest method a specific method based on your rules. You define your rules at And Here’s how to map your shipping methods.

Now you might want to ship your orders many at a time, learn more about order queue, batch picking and all the ways to ship orders via ShipHero.

You might have noticed that we did not choose a box type or dimensions. A couple of help pages that walk you through the best way to set up boxes



Congratulations on starting your ShipHero journey!

Well done on shipping your first order! There are many other parts of ShipHero to explore, choose from the below articles for what you’re most interested in working on next










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