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How do I Create Custom Shipping Boxes

Creating a custom shipping box allows you to quickly set the weight and dimensions of the box being used for shipping. You can also track inventory of the boxes that you use.

To create the custom box go to Shipping > Boxes.

custom boxes

In the upper right of the page, click on “Add Shipping Box”

Enter in the details regarding the box. The barcode can either be the barcode printed on the box if there is one, or any value that you choose as long as it’s unique for your boxes.

After clicking “Save Shipping Box” you will see the box in you box list. Clicking on the value in the On Hand column will allow you to set your inventory. Clicking on the name of the box will allow you to edit the details as well and see an inventory log for that box.

From this page you can also print the barcode which can be scanned during the shipping process to quickly choose the box being used.

custom boxes2


Once your Box’s are defined, when packing an order, after confirming the line items, simply scan the box code to add it to the order. The package dimension will update. If you’re having ShipHero calculate the weight of the shipment, the weight of the box will be automatically added.

If you’re tracking the number of boxes in stock we will also deduct that box from your inventory so you know when to restock.

box size

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