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How orders data updates between Shopify and ShipHero

Orders places on Shopify appear in ShipHero within a few seconds and if there are no holds on the order, they are ready to ship just that quick.

shopify download order

If a customer enters order notes they will show in ShipHero. You can choose whether or not those notes should show as a warehouse note in the iPods/iPads. The settings is under My accounts -> Stores -> Settings

shopify settings

The order can be shipped from the iPods/iPads.

ship order

If there’s a warehouse the packer has to swipe to acknowledge that they saw the note.

Tracking updates immediately on ShipHero and Shopify.

tracking to shopify take2

You can choose whether you want the order to be automatically archived on Shopify. The settings is under My accounts -> Stores -> Settings

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If the order is not paid in Shopify, it will have a payment hold set and the order will not show up on the iPods/iPads to ship until the payment hold is cleared.

payment hold

Shopify provides a fraud score and details, which sync to ShipHero.

Set your fraud threshold at My accounts -> Stores -> Settings any order that has a score that exceeds that threshold will be put on hold automatically for manual review. Once the hold is removed, the order will immediately be available to be shipped.

fraud hold

By default if you change the address in Shopify it will not update the address in ShipHero but you can override that at My accounts -> Stores -> Settings

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If you authorize but don’t capture/post-authorize your order when it is placed on Shopify, we will post-authorize the amount shipped at ship time. If the order partially ships, we will capture the amount shipped and capture the rest when the rest of the order ships. We will never capture more than the original total. If you capture/post-authorize when the order is placed, it is not relevant. You can issue refunds and void charges within ShipHero.

That’s the basics of the Shopify/ShipHero See below for details on How product data updates between Shopify and ShipHero.

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