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How Product Data Updates Between Shopify and ShipHero

When you load a product in Shopify it will download to ShipHero generally within around 1 minute. The tutorial below is a helpful process for loading products into Shopify.

Duplicating Products in Shopify

When the product is initially downloaded from Shopify, ShipHero downloads the product name, SKU, barcode, price, vendors and on hand quantity.

load on shopify

If a barcode is not provided, ShipHero will create one.

You can tell a product is linked by going to the product page in ShipHero and scrolling to the Stores section, where you’ll see the listing and time inventory was last synced. If the SKU is linked to multiple stores or linked to multiple listings in the same store, you will see all the listings in the stores section.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 2.43.16 PM

Changed inventory pushes to Shopify in 0-5 minutes. If you want to trigger an item that’s not set to push, check off Push available inventory to this channel for this item on the next update, usually within 5 minutes. and it will push with 5 minutes.

If you change a SKU in Shopify, if that’s the only record of that SKU in a Shopify store connected to ShipHero, that SKU will automatically change in ShipHero. Orders that contain that item will not be changed.

change skus
You can control what data about your products sync back and forth between ShipHero and Shopify at


Typically barcodes are managed within ShipHero. So if you change the barcode in Shopify it won’t change the barcode in ShipHero. If you want changes to barcodes in Shopify to update your barcodes in ShipHero, go to My Accounts -> Stores hit Settings and check off If the barcode for a product changes in Shopify, update that product in ShipHero to that barcode

For prices, you can do the same. We use the price from the order on all invoices and all reports. The prices recorded in ShipHero are used only when creating manual orders or manually adding products to orders.

You can have ShipHero manage your inventory in Shopify (what most people want) or turn that off, it’s typically turned off during testing and turned on once live. To do so, go to My Accounts -> Stores hit Settings and turn on or off Have ShipHero manage my Shopify Inventory.

And you can have changes to Barcode, SKU and weight that occur in ShipHero push automatically to Shopify.

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