Here's a handy reference of basic inventory terms used in ShipHero.

Count of a SKU not yet withdrawn from inventory but reserved for orders, so not available.

Count of a SKU that is currently available. (This is the number that is pushed to your sales channel for each SKU)

Back Order
Count of a SKU that cannot be currently fulfilled.

Defined location for organizing SKUs in the warehouse.

A SKU that can contain a collection of other SKUs.

Typically used as a readable reference for each item.

On Hand
The total count of a SKU that is currently available for use. (Note, Available is the count indicated in your sales channels)

On Order
The total count of a SKU that has been ordered from a vendor (also referred to as a supplier)

Pending Return
The total count of a SKU that is currently marked for return and has not been received.

Count of a SKU that is not to be sold in your sales channel.
For example, if you’re running a flash sale and want to hold some stock for returns or exchanges, you would enter your full inventory of say 100 units as the On Hand and a Reserve of 5 units. We’ll then tell the platform that you have 95 available for sale (On Hand minus Reserve). The Available count will remain 100.

Reorder Amount
The number that should be reordered when a SKU reaches the Reorder Level.

Reorder Level
The Available value a SKU must reach to trigger a Reorder. (See Reorder Amount).

Sell Ahead
Count of a SKU that is coming in on a Purchase Order that you want to sell on your platform but have not yet received it.
For example, if you have 10 On Hand, 0 Allocated and a Purchase Order coming in tomorrow with 100 units. You might set a Sell Ahead of 50 of those units and ShipHero will notify the sales channel that there are 60 for sale (Available plus Sell Ahead).

Meaning Stock Keeping Unit. This is a unique identification code given to each product in your inventory. ShipHero will generate a SKU if none exist based on the product id found in the sales channel it exists within.

Note on what's pushed to your sales channel: ShipHero uses:
Available +Sell Ahead - Reserve.

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