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Link your account with ShipHero

Why link your account

You don’t have to link your account with ShipHero as we charge the orders through your platform and don’t require a direct link to to do so. The advantage of linking your directly is it allows you to charge your customer cards for orders placed within ShipHero.

How to link your account

On you can link your account to ShipHero.

For Type you can choose AIM or CIM. AIM is the default account type. CIM is Customer Information Manager which is optionally paid add-on to which allows you add additional charges to customer’s cards after the initial authorization. Choose whichever one you have. If you’re not sure, choose AIM.

Then add your ID and Auth Key. You get those from by going to Account then API Credentials & Keys.

You’ll see API Login ID, enter that in the Auth ID field in ShipHero. Create a New Key and enter that as the Auth Key in ShipHero.

Create a new Transaction Key and enter that as the Auth Key in ShipHero.

If you’re account is a testing account known as sandbox account, check off Sandbox Account otherwise leave it unchecked.

How to charge a manual order in ShipHero

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