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Mapping different Shopify stores to different Warehouses

Why you would want to map different Shopify stores to different warehouses

This is useful if for example if you have a US store and a Canadian store and you have a US warehouse and a Canadian Warehouse. You can choose to show your stock from both warehouses in both stores, or you can choose to say only show the inventory in the US warehouse in the US store. You can then say that all orders from the US store should default to the US store.

How to do so

You’ll create your warehouses at Each warehouse should have a different Identifier and should have a record with a Profile of Default.

On you’ll link your stores. For each store you’ll have Settings. In those settings you can define store to warehouse relationships.

The Inventory Warehouse drop down allows you to have the inventory from all warehouses included (leave the default setting of All for this), or to specify just one warehouse.

The Allocate Orders to Warehouse drop down allows you to have orders from the store default to one warehouse. You can always change the warehouse to ship from within a given order if needed.

By default when a new item is created in a store, a record is created for every warehouse. The Create Products Only In This Warehouse allows you to override that behavior and have new items created in this store only be added to a particular warehouse.


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