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Merge Orders

You can merge any number of orders, so for example if a customer has 2 or 5 open orders they can be consolidated into one shipment.

This saves on postage and pick time and is extremely easy to do.

On the dashboard you will see a list of orders that can be merged.

You will see one list for each possible combination, mean if you can merge orders A and B, you’ll see A on the list not both A and B.

Orders will show as mergable if they share the same first line of the address, zip code and country.

Orders must have no User Locks, and no items can be currently scanned into tote, to be merged properly. Clear any user locks, and empty any totes for the orders you want to merge.

Orders must also be in the same Fulfillment Status and must not have any current holds (Fraud Hold, Operator Hold, etc) to be merged correctly.

Within a mergable order you select the orders to merge and which you want to be the master. The status, priority, address and required ship date from the master order will be used.


Once orders are merged they’ll show as one order on the iPad/iPads and the Desktop Printing App.

Orders will still show and behave as separate orders on the web dashboard,


And the platforms will be notified of all the orders that were shipped in that single shipment.

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