ShipHero provides features and tools to create and manage drop shipments, while also making it easier to send notifications to your vendors.

Best Practices: ShipHero Guide to Drop Shipping 

Managing Vendors & Vendors Products

  1. Using the top menu, click Inventory, then click Vendors.
  2. If the vendor that will be drop shipping does not already exist, add the vendor. Tip: Check out the Adding Vendors, and assigning Products to Vendors.

Creating Drop Shipments

There are a few options available for creating drop shipments in ShipHero. We will focus on the two main approaches to creating a drop shipment.

1. Manually Drop Shipping an Order

Learn how to Manually Create a Drop Shipment

2. Create a Drop Ship Using Automation Rules

Automation Rules allow you to modify, change or generally adjust settings on orders as they come in from your ecommerce store.

Learn how to use Automation Rules

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