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Picking sorted for shortest walk

By default orders are sorted by their Bin location to minimize the walking your pickers have to do.

If you want to sort by SKU instead go to and change Sort Order by to SKU

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.47.15 PM

The sort is alpha numeric, so

A-01-01 will show up before A-01-02, which will show up before A-10-01, which will show up before B-01-01

Make sure to keep your bin location lengths consistent. A-01-01 and A-10-01 are good.

Don’t mix A-1-01 with A-10-01, those are not the same length.

In our example of A-10-01 A is the row, 10 is which shelving unit it is in so it’s 10 shelving units from the front, 01 is the shelf, so it’s the lowest shelf. You can add a bin to A-10-01-A which would be first bin on shelf A-10-01-A.

The convention is flexible, you can do all number, for example 01-10-01 for the first row, 10th shelving unit and lowest shelf. As long as your warehouse is consistent, it will sort in alpha numeric order.

The sort is based on your bin location, not your overstock bin location.

The sort is used within an order, in single item batch and in multi item batch.

In single item batch the start location is random (it’s actually the location of your oldest order based on required ship date). You will start at that location, go through all the picks in order and then loop back to the start of the warehouse. This is to keep orders the end of the warehouse of the warehouse from getting missed.


Pro tip: You never want to have to change your existing bin location, so if you think you might add some bins later, leave space for them now. For example start your first row as aisle C instead of A if there might be locations squeezed in before C at a later date.

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