Step 1: Your Stores

Go to My Accounts > Stores

Step 2: Add Magento

Tap the "Add New Store" button and select Magento

Step 3: Enter Store URL

This is full URL to your store including http:// or https:// with no trailing slash at the end of your URL. For example https://www.mystore.comConsumer 

Step 4: Enter Key

This is the Key you can copy from Magento

Step 5: Enter Consumer Secret

This is the Secret you can copy from Magento

Step 6: Admin URL Segment (optional)

You only need to enter this if you’ve changed your Magento admin URL from the default of “admin“.

Step 7: Are You Using Clean URLs?

If you see /index.php in your Magento CMS URLs then you don’t have clean URLs, so leave this unchecked.

Step 8: Allow ShipHero to Manage your Magento Inventory (optional)

Enabling this will instruct  ShipHero to update your inventory levels in the Magento store when they are updated in ShipHero. If you're testing the connection and don't want to update anything in your Magento store, leave this option unchecked.

Step 9: Click Connect

The store is now connected. ShipHero will begin downloading product data which can take up to 30 minutes to download, depending on the number of products.

Tip: ShipHero will link any imported products with matching SKUs to the existing product already in ShipHero. If the SKU does not already exist in ShipHero, a new product is created. 

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