You can now load a product in Shopify or Bigcommerce and have it break into components within ShipHero without having to do anything in ShipHero.  Start with the SKU in ShipHero* and then break-up the components with an asterisk symbol; *. 

So in the example below, the SKU shiphero*boots9*socks becomes a set of 1 boots9 and 1 socks.

You cannot create sets with more than 1 unit of a given SKU with this method, but you can always use ShipHero’s standard kit creation method.  It is important to note that all the components must exist before you can create a kit of them.

A popular use case for this feature is print-on-demand t-shirt companies. If your blank t-shirts have SKUs such as “black-small” and “black-medium”, for example, you can create print styles of “stranger-things” graphics or “Knight Rider”.

Then when you list the Stranger Things t-shirt you create the SKUs as “shiphero*black-small*stranger-things”,  “shiphero*black-medium*stranger-things”, etc.  ShipHero will break that up into the black-small blank t-shirt and the print style of “stranger-things”…it’s that easy! No other work required.

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