Shopify allows you to create multiple locations in your Shopify store, which can be used to track inventory and order fulfillment at your various locations. Locations can be warehouses, popups, point-of-sale or any other place where you keep or store your inventory.

To learn more about Shopify Locations read this article.

Using ShipHero with Shopify locations provides two basic options.

  1. Push inventory changes from one or multiple ShipHero warehouses to one or multiple Shopify locations.
  2. Do not push inventory changes to one or multiple Shopify locations.

To take advantage of this feature, you will need to be connected to your Shopify store, with your locations available in that connected store.

Accessing Your Shopify Settings

  1. Using the top navigation menu, go to My Account > Stores.
  2. Click the Settings button for the particular Shopify store you want to manage.

Specifying the Inventory Warehouse

Now that you've loaded your Shopify store settings, you will see in the General tab, a drop down that indicates which warehouse will be used for inventory syncing.

Typically, this can be left at the default option of All - which means ShipHero will synchronize inventory with all warehouses. If you want to use a specific warehouse, you can select from the drop down.

Managing Locations

You can view all available locations created in the Shopify store by clicking on the tab Locations.

You will see a list of available Shopify locations in a list. This list will show:

Location ID
This is a unique id used by Shopify.

The name given to the location in Shopify.

The address given to the location in Shopify.

Push Inventory From
Your available ShipHero warehouses will be available in this drop down. By default, the option "Use General Settings" will be selected. This option will use the Inventory Warehouse setting specified as previously noted in the General tab.

Optionally, a different ShipHero warehouse can be selected.

If you don't want to push inventory updates to a Shopify location, select the "Do Not Push Inventory" option.

Click update once you want to save any changes you've made.

Knowing Where Fulfillments Are Shipped From

ShipHero communicates location information back to Shopify when an order is fulfilled. This helps you keep track of which warehouse an order was fulfilled from when viewing the order in Shopify.

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