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Set up your totes and print barcodes for them

You can pick one order at a time into totes,or more commonly do a batch pick into totes. You print a barcode that you apply to the tote and that barcode permanently identifies that tote. You can then pick into the tote and then when  you scan the tote and ship time, the order pulls up to be shipped. This is how to generate the tote barcodes.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 5.39.12 PM

We’re going to print barcodes, so make sure your user is assigned to a print station that has a barcode printer. Do that at

check print station

Make sure you have a printed linked to your barcode printer in the desktop app

set up barcode printer

Then go to

Auto-Generate Totes

Enter the Number of Totes, leave Print Barcode checked and hit Save.

generate totes

And you’re done!

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