There are two types of notifications, Order Notifications, and Inventory Reporting.  

Order Notifications

In the web dashboard, go to My Account > Settings

  • Delivery Address Issue, an email is sent when any issues are detected with an order delivery address.
  • Partial Ship, an email is sent when partial orders are shipped.
  • Packer Error, an email is sent when a packer error is detected.
  • Notify Payment Hold, an email is sent when an order with a payment hold is placed.
  • Notify Fraud Hold, an email is sent when an order with a fraud hold is placed.
  • Notify from Warehouse, an email is sent when a warehouse puts an order on hold.
  • Notify if Unmapped Shipping Method, an email is sent if an order is received without a mapped shipping method.

Inventory Reporting

An Inventory Report Notification is a daily summary of any low stock or back-ordered items, you have the option of setting which days this report is sent, along with the time the report is generated.

To adjust Inventory Report Notification options, in the web dashboard,  view My Account > Settings > Notifications

Here's how it looks:

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