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What ShipHero sends to Xero

Tracking Categories

ShipHero creates new tracking categories based on your connected sales channels (stores). For example, if you have connected two Shopify stores, ShipHero will create tracking categories identified by each store. This helps you correctly attribute sales information based on sales channel

Tip: See below for the list of account codes and tracking categories that are created.

Summary Invoices

Currently, Xero does not provide an ability for each individual order invoice to be transmitted. 

To get around this, ShipHero creates a summary of fulfilled orders for the previous day or a day specified by you.

Summary Invoices group information by Store and Payment Method. Fulfilled orders for a sales channel will be listed by payment method (such as PayPal, Authorize.net etc)

Tip: Invoice Numbers are automatically generated.
The format is [store name][payment method][summary type] 

  • example Invoice #: myshop.shopify.com (Authorize.net): Daily 2017-11-01

Summary invoices show an aggregate of the totals for the fulfilled orders for the day. The aggregates are split into separate line items, Sales, Sales Tax, Discounts, and Shipping.

List of Tracking Categories Account Codes

  • 20000: ShipHero Sales Income [REVENUE]
  • 20100: ShipHero Shipping Income [REVENUE]
  • 20200: ShipHero Sales Tax [CURRLIAB]
  • 20300: ShipHero Shipping And Handling Sales Tax [CURRLIAB]
  • 20500: ShipHero Sales Discounts [REVENUE]
  • 20600: ShipHero Sales Returns [REVENUE]
  • 20700: ShipHero Cost Of Goods Sold [DIRECTCOSTS]
  • 20800: ShipHero Inventory [CURRENT]
  • 20900: ShipHero Inventory Adjustment [DIRECTCOSTS]
  • 21000: ShipHero Payment Account [BANK]
  • 21100: ShipHero Expense Account [EXPENSE]
  • 21200: ShipHero Merchant Account Fees / Commissions [DIRECTCOSTS]
  • 21300: ShipHero Purchases Account [CURRLIAB]

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