Using Endeavour Pick, Pack & Ship (recommended)

Endeavour makes it easy to add any number of packages for an order you are going to ship, along with assigning which line items in the order are in which box.

It's also easy. To start, go to

Select the order you wish to ship, and use the Packages tab to create the required packages.

You can pack the items of the order into the selected package, as show here:

That's it. Once you're complete - simply tap the Print Packing Slip & Label button to generate the shipping labels and packing slips - ShipHero will print the correct labels and packing slips.

Using the ShipHero XL app on iPad

It requires a few more steps on the iPad app, and currently does not include the assigning of items per package (this feature will soon be available in the Endeavour Mobile app - the next generation app).

You can still create multiple labels for a shipment with multiple packages however, by following these steps:

  1. Pick all the items on the order. It doesn't matter if you you pick the items via batch picking or from the order queue.
  2. Select the shipping method and add the dimensions of your first package.
  3. Tap Print label
  4. You will notice the label appear on the upper right hand corner of the screen. 
  5. In that same column you will see a button on the bottom right that says Create another Label
  6. Enter the shipping method and the next package's dimensions, then tap the create another label button.
  7. Repeat for each additional box that requires a label.

Using the ShipHero Dashboard (

This option gives you the ability to ship the order from the web dashboard. 

Note: Orders that are in the process of being shipping in the dashboard are not locked to that user, this is generally not recommended as method chosen to ship an order.

  1. Pull the order up in the Order queue. (If the order was picked in a batch you will need to clear the tote first from the web or "unpick the items when you scan the tote to pull up the order.)
  2. Select pick the items you want to include in the first box.  
  3. Select the shipping method and add the box dimensions.
  4. Click Print label. 
  5. Exit the order and reenter the order. (this way the previous items you packed no longer appear on the order)
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 until all the items are packed on your order. 

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