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Syncing inventory across channels and products

If you sell the same product across multiple channels, for example an Amazon store, 2 Shopify stores and an eBay shop or if you sell the same product with multiple listings in a single channel, for example attached to multiple ASINs in Amazon, ShipHero will keep them all sync easily.

To keep the product synced, simply give them the same SKU.

We will use as an example a pair of Socks which has SKU of socksScreen Shot 2016-05-20 at 10.23.45 PM


And lets say we sell the same socks as both men’s and women’s and we want them to be separate listings for SEO and keep the stock in sync between them. So we’ll add both items to Shopify and we’ll give them both the SKU of socks

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 10.29.25 PM

If you list that same SKU in another Shopify store or in an Amazon or other store, ShipHero will keep them all in sync.

ShipHero updates all changes within approximately 5 minutes, the time varies slightly per channel. It’s a bit faster for Shopify, a bit slower for Amazon.

Technical notes

We push changed products very quickly (as opposed to simply updating all products every hour).

Example scenario.

10 units for in ShipHero and 2 Amazon stores and 1 Shopify store.

1 is sold on Amazon.

We keep track in ShipHero that you still have 10 units in stock, but now you also have 1 allocated so we tell both Amazon stores and the 1 Shopify store that you have 9 available for sale.

When that order ships, ShipHero changes to 9 in stock and 0 allocated. No change happens on Shopify and Amazon because you still have 9 available for sale.

Now if you were to change one of the stores to have 100 in stock, that would not change anything on ShipHero so that store would have 100 and the other stores would have 9. When the the next item sold, ShipHero would update to 9 on hand, 1 allocated for 8 available. It would then update all channels, including the one that was changed to 100 to now have 8 available.

All changes in stock should be made in ShipHero.

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