If the keyboard refuses to pop up when you’re in the app it means the Socket Mobile is in HID mode. Use the manual and scan the control barcode to switch to iOS mode. Or scan the below barcode from an iPad or Retina screen. You may be unable to scan from other screens. The scanner will beep 3 times when a scan is successful.

If you are unable to connect the scanner to ShipHero and have already reviewed the Socket Mobile Manual, you can try following these steps.

  1. Go to Bluetooth on the iPad, and “forget” the scanner.
  2. Turn off Bluetooth on the iPad.
  3. Press the “scan” then “power” button on the scanner and hold them down simultaneously for a few seconds, until the scanner shuts down with 3 beeps.
  4. Turn the scanner back on, and try scanning the above iOs barcode.
  5. Once you hear the 3 beeps after scanning the ios barcode, try turning Bluetooth back on the iPad.
  6. Connect the scanner to Bluetooth.

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