Is SmartPost Enabled on your Fedex account

SmartPost needs to be enabled on your Fedex account. You can reach out to your Fedex representative to confirm it's enabled.

After it's enabled on your Fedex account, go to Shipping>Carriers, hit "Settings for your connected account, and fill in your 4 digit Hub ID.
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Does your package meet SmartPost required package dimensions?

For Standard Mail, Bound Printed Matter, and Media the following dimensions restriction applies:

  • Dimensions: No more than 84" in combined length and girth (L+2W+2H).
  • No one dimension greater than 60".
  • Minimum dimensions are 6" L x 4" W x 1".

For Parcel Select the following dimensions restrictions apply:

  • Dimensions: No more than 130" in combined length and girth.
  • No one dimension can be greater than 60".
  • Minimum Dimensions are 6" L X 4" W X 1".

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